1. Roundabout Official Streaming Statement

    September 15

    No Goblin LLC grants permission for anyone to stream or record gameplay footage of Roundabout and share it on YouTube, Twitch or other video sharing or streaming portals.

    This permission also covers:

    • Monetization. You may monetize any videos you record of Roundabout, provided you link to roundaboutgame.com in the description of the video.

    • Day 1 LPs and streams. If you post on a forum that has a "no LPs until x months after release, unless the dev says it’s cool" rule: It’s cool. We are 100% okay with LPs and streams on the day of release.

    In the unlikely event that you get a Content ID match on a Roundabout video, please let us know at either @RoundaboutGame or on email (biz at no goblin dot com) so that we can chase down whoever is issuing it.


  2. The No Goblin Merch Store is open!

    May 29

    See that fancy “Store” link at the top of the page? Clicking that will take you to our fancy new merch store!

    Remember those rad shirts we brought to PAX East? Well, those are now shipping worldwide! We also have a very small amount of Men of Game Development 2014 calendars left, and a digital version of the 2014 calendar for those of you who hate owning physical objects.

    Go check out our store!


  3. Hey pals! No Goblin is heading over to PAX East, and we have a bunch of cool things going on.

    At the booth (across from 2K):
    - Come play Roundabout! We’re showing a fresh off the press demo build on Xbox One and PC.
    - Get some free pins! We have mini Dorkus pins and a bunch of Roundabout pins you can grab.
    - Buy some T-Shirts! We have a limited edition run of a Roundabout ringers and Dorkus tees, in small to XXL.
    - Preorder Roundabout on the show floor! You’ll get a redemption code and a special show bonus!
    - We’re an Official Booth for the Unofficial Official Giant Bomb Pin Swap. Come ask us for a Giant Bomb pin if you’d like someone’s glorious mug pinned to something.

    - Pro YoCo is hitting PAX East! 6:30pm Friday in the classic console room! No Goblin is the Official Cookie Storage Company for the GYCL at PAX East, and we’re proud to help raise awareness of what will be the next great eSport.

    See you there!


  4. "Xbox, go to Roundabout"

    February 10

    That’s right, Roundabout is coming to Xbox One! Not only that, but you’ll have TWO chances to get your hands on a controller and experience Roundabout for yourself before release.


    Alongside the Windows, Mac and Linux versions that you can pre-order right now, we’re also going to be releasing Roundabout on Xbox One. We have dev kits in house, and we’re really excited to be shipping our debut game on next gen hardware.

    To answer the question on everyone’s lips: Yes, we will investigate yelling “Xbox, HONK HONK” to activate the limo’s horn.

    A huge thanks has to go to Chris Charla and Richard Rouse over at the ID@Xbox team for making what’s easily the most appealing console platform for developers like us to release on. Diving into the Xbox One universe has been super easy for us, and Chris and Richard have been incredibly responsive and helpful in dealing with all of my old man game developer quirks.

    Personally, I think ID@Xbox is going to take a lot of people by surprise. We’re super honored to be included with one of the first waves of developers to release through the program.

    We’ll have more information about other platforms, specific release dates, unique features, and other logistical things like that as soon as we start locking them down. Stay Tuned!


    Playable Debut at Media Indie Exchange

    We’re also really excited to be unveiling Roundabout’s playable debut at Media Indie Exchange next month. MIX happens on the Monday of GDC over at the IGN offices, and press and “industry leaders” can register to check out the game over here.

    It’s an honor for us to be in the first batch of picks with our debut title. If you’re in town and able to make it, definitely come for a fun time. An added incentive: I’ll be wearing the best ’70s suit that indie marketing budgets can afford.

    What if you’re not GDC press, I hear you ask? Well…


    Come to our booth at PAX East!

    That’s right, we’ll have a dedicated No Goblin booth this year at PAX East. It’s right across from 2K’s booth! It’s like we’re a real grown up video game maker company place!

    Naturally, Roundabout will be playable at PAX East to everyone. We’ll also have a bunch of really cool merch to pick up, including some very limited edition stuff that we’ll only be selling at PAX East. If you’re going to the show, don’t forget to come and say hi to us!


    (PS: If you’re in Boston but skipping PAX East, we’ll be announcing something else equally cool soon for you. Stay tuned!)


  5. Want to be a passenger in Roundabout? We’re going to be filming people to be Georgio’s passengers soon, and it would be awesome if you were one of them. Check out the video above, then sign up on the Roundabout site to join us!


  6. We’re super proud to announce Roundabout, No Goblin’s first title! Roundabout is focused on the 1977 rise to fame story of Georgio Manos, the world’s first revolving chauffeur. You get to control Georgio as he spins passengers through the ridiculously twisty streets and back alleys that the town of Roundabout is famous for.

    Interested? There’s more information over at roundaboutgame.com. We also have an early bird special on the site that’ll give you 33% off the final price, plus a bunch of cool bonuses like digital art books and soundtracks.

    We also have a listing up on Steam Greenlight! Please give us all your votes!


    (Looking for the Roundabout press kit? It’s right over here.)


  7. No Goblin at PAX Prime

    August 28

    Are you coming to PAX Prime? If so, you’ll want to hunt down Dan and Panzer! They’ll be carrying a small backpack filled with free No Goblin can coolers, perfect for keeping your cans of Diet Coke cold!


    Besides walking the floor and looking Australian, Dan will also be on the following panels:

    • Cards Against Humanity - 9:30pm Sunday, Kraken Theater
    • The Brain Dump: Eight Developers Reveal the Dark Secrets of Video Gaming - 4:30pm Monday, Kraken Theater

    Not attending PAX? You can also check these panels out LIVE on Twitch!


  8. Welcome!

    July 15

    Hi! I’m excited and honored to lift the curtain on our new video game studio called No Goblin.

    We started No Goblin because we wanted to make mechanic driven games with original themes. We grew up with the humour of LucasArts adventure games, the couch rivalry of the Nintendo golden era, and the knowledge that gameplay trumps everything.

    Our goal at No Goblin is pretty clear: we’re going to continue the legacy of those before us in making truly original games that put replayable gameplay first. Our themes and settings aren’t tired fantasy goblin slaying or sci-fi laser technobabbling, there’s no free to play trickery, and there’s definitely no half-hour “interactive cinematics”. We make games because we love games, and we hope that you’ll love our games too.

    Thanks for checking out the site. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook over the next few weeks to find out details about our first game!




  9. Check it out, a press release saying we exist! It’s like this website, but summed up on a single easily quotable page. How convenient!

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