Come work with us!

Hi! We’re No Goblin! We’ve made unique games with heart like Roundabout and 100ft Robot Golf, and we’re now looking to grow our unique, diverse team for No Goblin Game 3 and beyond.

Our goal as a studio is to build the team experience that we wished we’d had back in our previous AAA lives. We’re a remote-first studio that schedules and scope our games with quality of life as our primary concern, we have a four day work week, and we’re offering a forward thinking benefits package and team setup that includes profit sharing.

If that sounds interesting to you, please send us your details at this handily provided link!

(Feel like you’re overqualified or underqualified? Apply anyway! We’re happy to find the right fit for the right person.)

Cinematic Artist / Animator (Unreal Engine/UE4, Remote, Contract)

No Goblin is looking for a passionate cinematic animator who can bring our written cutscenes to life!

Your day to day will involve:

  • Using written scripts, voice actor performances, and game assets to build cutscenes in UE4's sequencer
  • Working closely with the designers and writers to ensure that cutscenes align with narrative and visual needs
  • Collaborating with artists to resourcefully use and modify existing assets for various cutscenes
  • Identifying areas for improvement in any existing cutscenes and polishing them up to shipping quality

Skills you’re good at:

  • You have experience with UE4's sequencer and camera tools
  • You're able to take a stubbed in cutscene and bring it up to shipping quality
  • You have a solid understanding of cinematic storytelling, composition, shot direction, and pacing.

Bonus skills that puts you ahead of everyone else:

  • You're able to mix in game animation with your own bespoke cinematic animation on characters and make it look great!
  • You have experience across multiple 3D techniques including, but not limited to, animation, FX, modeling, lighting, and rendering.
  • You can take ownership of a task and see it through completion without direction.