About No Goblin

Co-founded by veteran game designers Dan Teasdale and Panzer in 2013, No Goblin creates unique games with heart like Roundabout and 100ft Robot Golf.

No Goblin is currently working on No Goblin Game 3. If you'd like to find out more about this game that we haven't announced, be sure to follow the @nogoblingame3 twitter feed!

Current Job Openings

We’re looking to grow and build a unique, diverse team for No Goblin Game 3 and beyond. We’re a remote-first studio that schedules and scope our games with quality of life as our primary concern, and we’re offering a forward thinking benefits package and team setup. Check out these available roles:

Gameplay Programmer

We're looking for a great gameplay programmer to join us in making weird and fun games!

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Dan Teasdale



In the last two decades, Dan has made games about golfing robots, spinning limousines, plastic instruments, motion controlled puppets, open world alien abductions, and little green plastic soldiers. For Dan, No Goblin is more an enabling excuse than a sensible career decision.




Panzer's work has been seen in AAA masterpieces, the first wave of downloadable console titles, and questionable Let's Plays. At No Goblin, Panzer's unique designer/artist hybrid double threat helps make our games great.

Joule Han

3D Artist


Yes, Joule is an amazing 3D artist who's making wonderful fantastic art for our games, but they also completely trounced all of us at bowling at our last team meeting. Joule claimed that "it was first time beginner's luck", but we recognise a hustle when we see one.

Cessia Castillo

Level Designer / Artist


Cessia's our A+ great level designer/artist/shark lover. That may sound impressive (and it is!), but the real superpower that Cessia posesses is the effortless ability to delay any flight they're booked on.

Contact us

Questions? Thoughts? Let us know at our @no_goblin Twitter account!