Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a busy marketing executive with no time to read a full FAQ. Give me the bullet points about this game

  • It's 100 foot robots playing golf.
  • Destroy any obstacle to clear a path to par - or hinder your opponents shot.
  • Play with up to four robot golfers, either split screen or online, in real time.
  • Unique solo campaign mode tells the excitement, love, and intrigue of the Pro Robot Golf circuit through '90s-style budget cutscenes.
  • Fully voiced in-game commentary from the McElroy Brothers
  • Play in cities, on the moon, under the ocean, and more!
  • Exclusive PlayStation VR support allows you to strap in and experience destructive golf drives like never before.

What platforms can I play this on?

PlayStation 4 and PC. For PC, 100ft Robot Golf is available on Steam and the Humble Store.

Is it okay if I stream 100ft Robot Golf online?

No Goblin LLC grants permission for anyone to stream or record gameplay footage from 100ft Robot Golf and share it on YouTube, Twitch or other video sharing or streaming portals.

This permission also covers:

  • Monetization. You may monetize any videos you record of No Goblin games, provided you link to the game's website in the description of the video.
  • Day 1 LPs and streams. If you post on a forum that has a "no LPs until x months after release, unless the dev says it's cool" rule: It's cool. We are 100% okay with LPs and streams on the day of release.

In the unlikely event that you get a Content ID match on one of our games, please let us know at either @no_goblin or on email (biz at no goblin dot com) so that we can chase down whoever is issuing it.

How'd you come up with the idea for 100ft Robot Golf?

Good news: we were recording when the idea was born!

I don't want to play this in VR. Can I play it on my TV?

Yes! You can play on your TV without a VR headset! In fact, you can play with up to four players splitscreen!

I do want to play this in VR! Where can I do that?

100ft Robot Golf's optional VR mode is exclusive to PlayStation VR. As a bonus, you also get Kaiju Driving Range for no extra cost!