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About No Goblin

Co-founded by veteran game designers Dan Teasdale and Panzer, No Goblin works on innovative projects with unique themes.

No Goblin works with a wide range of incredibly talented friends, professionals, contractors and colleagues to create absurdist works like Roundabout and 100ft Robot Golf.

The No Goblin Team

Dan Teasdale


In the last two decades, Dan has made games about golfing robots, spinning limousines, plastic instruments, motion controlled puppets, open world alien abductions, and little green plastic soldiers. For Dan, No Goblin is more an enabling excuse than a sensible career decision.


Co-founder + Senior Designer

Panzer's work has been seen in AAA masterpieces, the first wave of smaller downloadable console titles, and drunken Let's Plays. At No Goblin, Panzer's unique designer/artist hybrid double threat helps make our games great.


Streaming and Video Terms

No Goblin LLC grants permission for anyone to stream or record gameplay footage of any No Goblin game and share it on YouTube, Twitch or other video sharing or streaming portals.

This permission also covers:

In the unlikely event that you get a Content ID match on one of our games, please let us know at either @no_goblin or on email (biz at no goblin dot com) so that we can chase down whoever is issuing it.


We're not hiring right now, sorry. Stay tuned!