1. "Xbox, go to Roundabout"

    February 10

    That’s right, Roundabout is coming to Xbox One! Not only that, but you’ll have TWO chances to get your hands on a controller and experience Roundabout for yourself before release.


    Alongside the Windows, Mac and Linux versions that you can pre-order right now, we’re also going to be releasing Roundabout on Xbox One. We have dev kits in house, and we’re really excited to be shipping our debut game on next gen hardware.

    To answer the question on everyone’s lips: Yes, we will investigate yelling “Xbox, HONK HONK” to activate the limo’s horn.

    A huge thanks has to go to Chris Charla and Richard Rouse over at the ID@Xbox team for making what’s easily the most appealing console platform for developers like us to release on. Diving into the Xbox One universe has been super easy for us, and Chris and Richard have been incredibly responsive and helpful in dealing with all of my old man game developer quirks.

    Personally, I think ID@Xbox is going to take a lot of people by surprise. We’re super honored to be included with one of the first waves of developers to release through the program.

    We’ll have more information about other platforms, specific release dates, unique features, and other logistical things like that as soon as we start locking them down. Stay Tuned!


    Playable Debut at Media Indie Exchange

    We’re also really excited to be unveiling Roundabout’s playable debut at Media Indie Exchange next month. MIX happens on the Monday of GDC over at the IGN offices, and press and “industry leaders” can register to check out the game over here.

    It’s an honor for us to be in the first batch of picks with our debut title. If you’re in town and able to make it, definitely come for a fun time. An added incentive: I’ll be wearing the best ’70s suit that indie marketing budgets can afford.

    What if you’re not GDC press, I hear you ask? Well…


    Come to our booth at PAX East!

    That’s right, we’ll have a dedicated No Goblin booth this year at PAX East. It’s right across from 2K’s booth! It’s like we’re a real grown up video game maker company place!

    Naturally, Roundabout will be playable at PAX East to everyone. We’ll also have a bunch of really cool merch to pick up, including some very limited edition stuff that we’ll only be selling at PAX East. If you’re going to the show, don’t forget to come and say hi to us!


    (PS: If you’re in Boston but skipping PAX East, we’ll be announcing something else equally cool soon for you. Stay tuned!)

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